Annie Carpenter
  • 06. – 10.04.22

Teaching Yoga: Communication Skills

Mi. 06.04.22 09:00 — So. 10.04.22 17:00
Preis: 725€

50 hour advanced Module: 6 - 10. April 2022

with Annie Carpenter

Teaching Yoga is being in relationship. We learn about being in relationship with ourselves via practice: we lean away from harshness and judgement, and towards patience and compassion. As we steady this ability to witness, we hone the discipline to choose precision and kindness, wakefulness and detachment. Always beginning with ourselves, we learn to model and encourage these essentials ways of seeing, being and connecting with our students. Via practice, lecture, labs and practice teaching:

  • Seeing with loving eyes
  • Instructions and cuing
  • Moving from general to the highly specific organically
  • Clarity of effort without over-striving or future/goal orientation
  • Empowering use of Inquiry

Each day will focus on a specific area focus in the body and move from basic to advanced level poses. Each day will include Asana, Restoratives and Pranayama. Seeing bodies and adjustments(both hands-on and verbal) will be included.

Saturday and Sunday will focus on special teaching skills: Working with Beginners, and Working with All Levels Classes.


The module will be held in a hybrid format. In studio + livestream. The recording will be available to all registered students.


You will receive a printed manual to this module.

This 50h module is part of the 300h Teacher Training. You have the option to attend it separately and earn a certificate in the end.

725 Euros - Early Bird until Feb 06 2022

800 Euros - the price for this module outside of the 300h TT


For more Information or Registration email us: training@yogakula.at

TERMS & CONDITIONS for the 300H Teacher Training apply to this module.