Advanced Intensive Module

Joan Hyman
  • 29.06.22

Healing from the Inside Out

Mi. 29.06.22 09:00 — So. 03.07.22 17:00
Preis: 725€

Healing from the Inside Out

50 hour advanced Module: June 29 - July 3rd

In this 50 hours Module Joan will focus on how to travel from the outside towards the inner body.

What's Included:

• Injury Management – 3 days blending anatomy and yoga together and learning to modify poses and create sequences for all levels and to the individual

• Yoga for anxiety, depression, and trauma. Working with restoratives and breath patterns and exercises.

• Understanding the shadow and samaskaras, dealing with patterns

• Advanced asana and exploration of pranayama

Yoga is a healing practice and most of us come to yoga when we are in pain or are looking to fill a void in our lives. As yoga teachers we are sought after healers and our students will come to us when they are experiencing a healing crisis. The practice of yoga can heal by helping us make adjustments to our lifestyle and cultivate a better connection to our body, mind, and spirit. Understanding our patterns, known as our samaskaras, is an essential part of healing and the practice of yoga builds more consciousness in what the root of the problem is. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation we can begin to shed light on our negative patterns and begin to take the first step towards healing.

In this fifty hour module, Joan will guide you through three days of injury management working with common injuries like the knees, low back, and shoulders. You will learn the anatomy around these surrounding areas and sequences to help remedy pain and move towards healing. We will explore common issues in our world today such as anxiety, depression, and trauma and different practices to help bring the nervous system back into balance. Learn how to sequence to the individual and make yoga accessible to everyone by working with props and modifications. We will explore the meaning of shadow work and Joan will guide you through an advanced practice on the last day helping you to reveal any unconscious patterns you may be holding.

Each day will begin with a two hour asana practice in the morning followed by theory and discussion, and all days closing with restoratives and pranayama. You don’t have to want to be a yoga teacher to participate in this training, only a desire to step on the healing path.


The module will be held in a hybrid format. In studio + livestream. The recording will be available to all registered students.


You will receive a printed manual to this module.

This 50h module is part of the 300h Teacher Training. You have the option to attend it separately and earn a certificate in the end.


725 Euros - Early Bird until Feb 06 2022

800 Euros - the price for this module outside of the 300h TT
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TERMS & CONDITIONS for the 300H Teacher Training apply to this module.