Healthy Backbends

Lenka Minarik
  • 08.04.23

Easter Workshop

Sa. 08.04.23 13:00 — 16:00
Preis: 50€

The spine supports our body, allows us to stand upright, and is also prone to injury and wear and tear if not supported by strong muscles. At the same time, bending backwards is not something we do in our daily lives at all.

These are the reasons why backbending can be quite overwhelming at first, and it can even be scary for some. With a proper warm-up and alignment in yoga asanas/poses however, it is possible to strengthen the core and our backbody and return flexibility to the joints, that eventually allows the spine to maintain its functionality even as we age.

In this 3-Hour workshop, we will focus on all the parts of the body that participate in backbends and how to control these different parts in isolation before we engage them in individual yoga poses such as bridge, pigeon, bow and camel poses.
This workshop is for you, if you like backbending, but also if you are not the biggest fan, and want to learn how to enter backbends pain-free and in a safe way.

Suitable for all levels.

About Lenka:

Lenka is a Vienna-based yoga teacher since 2016. She first came to Austria to pursue her career as a scientist at the Medical University of Vienna, where she worked for 10 years. During this time another passion overtook her life and made her to switch to help people more directly - teaching them to move their bodies, to improve their lives using yoga asanas and yogic philosophy.

Thanks to her medical background her classes are full of useful information about human body, and how it works - not just movement-wise, but also related to nervous system.