Geneva Moss
  • 15.06.24

Expand your practice, understanding and awareness by working with yoga techniques that access physical, mental and energetic layers that powerfully affect your practice.

Who this course is for?

Anyone interested in exploring practice with subtle and not so subtle techniques of Bandhas in practice. Bandhas can affect your practice in the most surprising ways. Whether you are looking to strengthen physical awareness and capacity, increase mental clarity and focus or align yourself with the flow of your own life energy - we are all looking for ways to develop our practice. Start where you are and take away what you need.

We will first define our understanding of each bandha and how each affects the body, mind and energy. In so doing we will also examine the five forces of prana - the vayus - and the impact of each bandha on organizing and aligning mind and body with prana. We will then experience the bandhas in practice, taking the theory into practical experience. In each practice we will expand our understanding and experience of the relationship between breath, prana and bandhas.

These practices will draw from the wisdom within hatha, tantra and kundalini yoga - systems of yoga designed to regulate and transform human self-awareness.

The effects of practice with bandhas are:
-improved digestion and elimination
-awakening energy
-cleansing nadis and energy channels
-toning visceral organs
-preparation of mind for meditation
-increased concentration
-assistance in relieving depression

Saturday June 15th 2024

Pricing: €30

Jalandhara Bandha - Throat Lock

Sa. 15.06.24 13:30 — 15:00
Preis: 30€

Jalandhara Bandha physically lengthens and strengthens the back of the neck, restoring alignment and stabilization - a great counteraction to all the repeated patterns of the head held forward in our daily actions. Jalandhara temporarily closes off the throat and the upward flow of energy, prana.On a more subtle level Jalandhara Bandha balances the thyroid and helps regulate metabolism, benefits our endocrine and nervous system and restores energy and assists in relieving stress.