Ashtanga & Restore

  • 28.04.24

Yin & Yang experience

So. 28.04.24 14:00 — 16:00
Preis: 30€

An experience from fire yang to cooling yin.

We all have a yin and a yang side we should equally nourish through out a wholesome yoga practice. Which is hard to keep up in our every day lives. That’s why we’ve especially designed this event.

We start this afternoon with an 80 min Ashtanga class (following the sequence of the primary series) to create some heat in our bodies, focussing more on the yang side. Ulrike is guiding you through the sequence with a special focus on your alignment and breath, giving hands-on assists in the different positions we practice.

The second part of this special class revolves around your yin side which is even more effective after a fiery practice like Ashtanga.

We will be practicing a restorative yoga sequence that helps you to reset and rejuvenate. It’s like taking a very long Savasana with the help of many props to support your body going deep into a fully relaxing state.