Annie Carpenter Psoas Workshop

Annie Carpenter
  • 11.05.23

Psoas - Inner Release + Power

Do. 11.05.23 13:00 — 17:00
Preis: 120€

4 hour Workshop on the Psoas

The Psoas system is an ancient, minimally evolved muscle group that affects us in so many ways: Connecting the upper body to our legs, enabling walking running and climbing, connecting the Musculo-skeletal body to the sympathetic nervous system, and providing us with true core stability and strength. Sadly, for many of us there are imbalances and chronic contractions and pain that originate and linger in this system.

Join Annie to learn about and connect to your Psoas system. Discover ways to release and stretch—and when to do which; as well as stabilize and strengthen—and when to do which. We’ll look at problems that imbalances can create as well as how to soothe this deep muscle group to shift into a calmer state in your nervous system.


  • anatomy
  • release work
  • active-restoratives
  • strengthening in a deeply soothing and pacifying practice

This afternoon is designed for all levels, including those who may have psoas imbalances, and perhaps especially for teachers who will find this work fascinating and helpful.


€ 120 Regular Price

€ 100 If booked together with 3 day Workshop "Yoga for Ever" (To receive this promotion, please reach out to