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  • 31.12.21
Annemarie yogakula sunsalutations

New Years Workshop

Fr. 31.12.21 19:30 — Mo. 01.11.21 21:30
Preis: 25€

The Sun Salutation sequence is designed to create “tapas” or inner heat that cleanses the body. And the “mandala” or circular pattern of the poses brings us into a state of focused moving meditation. The inner heat and focused moving meditation enables us to peel away unnecessary layers of thought, emotions or physical baggage. As we let go of these layers, we allow our full potential and highest ideals to emerge.

In Sun Salutations, your breath is your guide that links one pose to the next. Breath takes you in and out of each pose. When we practice Surya Namaskar with focus on breath, we are able to use our exhale to let go, releasing those things that no longer serve us; and then inhale new ways of being that will nurture us.

How to prepare:

  • Rest
  • Eat healthy, nourishing foods, but don’t eat a large meal just before
  • Study the Surya Namaskar A sequence with Annemarie or any of your other teachers in regular class and consider practicing a few (5-10) per day
  • Ask yourself why you want to do this.
  • Bring an intention


Regular €25, YogaKula Members €22



You are invited to also stay for a New Years Eve Meditation & Ritual

22:00 – 22:30

free & by donation