YogaKula Intro Package

Yvonne Oswald
  • 12.11.22

2-hour introduction session and 3 beginner classes

Sat 12.11.22 14:00 — 16:00
Preis: 45€

New to Yoga? Our YogaKula Intro-Package is the perfect way to begin or restart your yoga practice. In a 2-hour introduction workshop we will introduce you to the basic yoga and breathing techniques. You can practice and deepen what you learned in 3 yoga classes of your choice within 30 days after the workshop.

What will be covered:

  • Introduction to “What is yoga?”
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Warm-up poses
  • sun salutations
  • Basic standing postures for more strength and balance
  • Basic backbends for healthy spine
  • Basic sitting postures for flexibility

You can take 3 regular classes of your choice within a month after the introduction session. All classes are open for you, but if you are just starting your yoga practice, we would recommend Basic , Gentle- or Mobility Flow Classes. Please check our Online Schedule.