Yoga styles

Basic Yoga

/ beginners

In the Basic class you will learn the basic yoga terminology: the sun salutation, forward and backward bends, twists and the final relaxation.
In addition to the movements, we will also focus on breathing, which is an important part of the yoga practice. In the Basic classes you will build a solid foundation for your yoga practice and learn the most important positions. For more advanced students, the Basic class can be a nice change of pace to bring the focus back to correct alignment.

No previous experience is necessary to participate in a Basic class.

Gentle Flow

/ intermediate

In the Gentle Flow class, basic yoga postures are practiced in a gentle and flowing sequence. The teacher explains the yoga positions step by step and pays attention to correct alignment. Variations of the positions are offered, and the appropriate use of blocks and straps is also explained. The Gentle Flow class allows you to build flexibility and strength for further classes.

It is an ideal transition between Basic and Vinyasa Flow classes and is suitable for those who want to take it easy with their yoga practice.

Vinyasa Flow

/ intermediate

The Vinyasa Flow class is a dynamic and powerful class. It features individual yoga postures practiced one after another in a flowing sequence that synchronizes breathing and movement. Sun salutations, standing postures, twists and backbends form a well-rounded sequence. The classes are designed to be varied. A well-designed sequence of transitions and held postures combined with ujaji breathing heats the body and relaxes the mind. Endurance, concentration and stamina gradually improve.

We recommend basic yoga experience before joining this class. You are welcome to join one of our Basic and Gentle Flow classes.

Vinyasa Flow +

/ advanced

Vinyasa Flow + classes are perfect if you want to challenge yourself. In this advanced class, we flow from one position to the next, practicing advanced asanas such as inversion poses and arm balances, among others. Variations and modifications are offered so you can work towards positions in a safe way.

We recommend that you have attended Basic, Gentle Flow and Vinyasa Flow classes several times in order to make the most of the Vinyasa Flow+ class.

Ashtanga Flow

/ Intermediate

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. This is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual health. Progressive techniques of breath, posture, and movement help to cleanse, stretch, and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. A deeper experience of the self becomes possible through consistent practice. The Ashtanga yoga practices offered in our Studio will guide you through the traditional Ashtanga series with occasional variations to help you grow your practice.

Ashtanga Mysore Style

/ Advanced

Mysore-Style is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: students are individually mentored by the teacher and the practice is adapted to their abilities and progress. Each student practices the sequence (usually the first Ashtanga series) at their own pace. The teacher does not lead the whole group, but assists all practitioners individually, according to their needs, goals, level and physical condition. You will receive very detailed assistance and advice and you practice will benefit from accurate physical adjustments.

Individual time management - it is possible to come later and / or leave earlier.

Requirements: Basic experience with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a willingness for a self-directed practice and to commit to this transformative journey. Knowledge of the entire first series is not necessary.


/ all levels

Pilates ist ein Training, das den Fokus auf Kraft, Stabilität und Beweglichkeit setzt. Alle Übungen beginnen mit einer starken "Körpermitte", damit sind alle Muskeln rund um den Bauch, Rücken und Beckenboden gemeint. Mit Yoga kombiniert, verbessert Pilates die körperliche Kondition, garantiert eine starke und widerstandsfähige Wirbelsäule und hält auch in fortschreitenden Jahren gesund.

Es sind keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig um an der Pilates Klasse teilzunehmen.


/ all levels

Holistic workout which incorporates elements of ballet, Yoga and Pilates. It’s fierce and fun! Barre workouts are known for intense leg and seat workouts, effective core blasts and isometric movements for externally rotated thighs, arms and shoulders. We use weights, blocks and a chair. Let’s fall in love with our bodies and have fun!

Yin Yoga

/ all levels

Yin Yoga is a quiet, passive style of yoga practiced mostly in a prone and seated position. The asanas are held in a quiet atmosphere for between three and seven minutes. Yin Yoga works especially much with the effect of gravity, as well as with yoga aids, such as blocks, straps and bolsters. During the postures, all muscles are relaxed in order to stretch the deep-lying connective tissue, the so-called fascia tissue. In addition, Yin Yoga gently opens the joints and harmonizes the energy flow in the body. Self-awareness and patience are practiced.

The Yin practice complements the active Yang practice and is open to all levels.

Pre-Natal Yoga

/ all levels

Pre-natal yoga is designed to meet the needs of the expectant mother. You can start a regular yoga practice from the 13th week of pregnancy.

A balanced and safe exercise program supports and strengthens the changing body. We strengthen the leg and back muscles to be able to carry the extra weight well. Stretching exercises help relieve tension in the chest and shoulder area. Special breathing exercises have a calming effect, lower blood pressure and help you prepare for the birth.

Yoga during pregnancy can prevent and relieve typical discomforts of pregnancy. You do not need any previous yoga experience to participate in the class.

Post-Natal Yoga

/ all levels

The Post-Natal class strengthens the body after pregnancy and specifically addresses the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Stretching exercises help relieve tension in the shoulders caused by breastfeeding and excessive carrying of the baby. The back is also strengthened and relieved. Your baby can be playfully involved in some exercises, but he or she can also just watch and some babies even sleep.

Post-Natal yoga helps to gently find your way back to your own body after pregnancy and birth. You don't need any previous experience to participate.