General Terms and Conditions of YogaKula Studio

1. Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to all offers and services of the yoga studio Yogakula, Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 Vienna. With the purchase of a valid card, conclusion of a membership contract or the registration for a workshop either online or on-site in the studio at, it comes to a contract with Yogakula under the following conditions of participation.

If the attendance of an event of the studio is bound to special admission requirements, these are listed separately in the course program and on the website and are therefore to be fulfilled by the participants.

2. participation rights


With the purchase of a valid card/pass/membership contract/registration for the workshop, the customer is entitled to use the premises of the Yogakula studio during the offered class times. The customer is further entitled to use the premises 20 minutes before and after the end of the lesson/workshop for the purpose of changing or showering. The customer undertakes to prove his/her identity upon request of the Yogakula Studio staff, otherwise he/she may be prohibited from using the premises.


In principle, all services of the Yogakula Studio are available to the customer upon payment. However, a legal claim to the use of services does not exist. The customer has no claim to services in the event that personal and by Yogakula announced conditions of participation are not met by the customer or in the event that open courses or workshops with a limited number of participants are fully booked.


Participation in yoga classes/workshops is only possible if the customer arrives at the studio at the specified start time. After the start of the class, for organizational reasons and out of consideration for the other participants, no further admission can be granted. Registered customers must check in at the reception in the studio until ten minutes before the start of the hour, otherwise the reserved place will be released for other customers and the customer's failure to appear on time will be considered as a late cancellation ( point 3.3. ).


The customer has to behave in the premises of the studio always in such a way that it comes to no disturbance of the course of the lessons / workshops, the equipment of the studio is treated with care and it comes to no interference with the other participants. During a lesson, absolute silence is to be maintained and any disturbance, especially by technical equipment, is to be avoided. The customer has to follow the instructions of the employees of Yogakula, which specify these rules in the interest of all participants. In case of gross violations by the customer against these general conditions and corresponding instructions of the staff, such as in case of assault, threats, insults, sexual harassment, theft, lack of hygiene, etc., the access to the Yogakula studio can be denied already at the first violation for the entire duration of the contract or under forfeiture of open passes (e.g.: 10-person blocks), without this leading to a refund obligation by Yogakula. In order to avoid conflicts among the participants and to keep the peace and the orderly, undisturbed course of events, Yogakula is furthermore granted the right to refuse further service provision without giving reasons. In this case, not yet consumed passes (e.g.: blocks of 10) are to be refunded (aliquot).


Registrations for yoga classes/workshops will be considered in the order of their arrival and are valid from the date of receipt of the training-seminar costs to the specified company account. The Yogakula Studio accepts registrations as well as rebookings and cancellations only via the electronic online system (Mindbody) or in writing (e-mail or post). Each registration is binding.

3. contract types, prices and conditions


The customer can choose from the following passes/contracts:

INTRO I First trial card
Entitles the customer to participate in five yoga sessions within 10 consecutive days for €10- The trial offer is available only ONCE for new customers with residence or place of work in Vienna and is not transferable or refundable.

INTRO II Second trial Card
Entitles you to thirty yoga sessions within 30 consecutive days for €70. The trial offer is available only ONCE for new customers residing or working in Vienna and is not transferable or refundable.

Entitles you to attend a class of 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the price paid.

Entitles you to attend ten classes. Credit for units not consumed is not available. The block of 10 classes is valid for a period of 12 months from the first visit and cannot be extended or redeemed for cash. In case of rebooking or renewal, one unit will be deducted from the existing block. When purchasing a new block (within one year of expiration), the expired units can be credited.

Entitles you to participate in all classes for a period of one, six or 12 months - depending on the offer selected.


PART-TIME, FULL-TIME: Entitles you to participate in 4 classes per month (Part-Time) or all classes (Full-Time) during the specified period. Term renews automatically each month. Payment is made monthly by direct debit. There is a minimum term of three months. The term contract can be terminated after this minimum term by e-mail to After the minimum term of three months, the pass can be interrupted once a year for a period of minimum 30 days up to a maximum of 60 days. The Part-Time or Full-Time membership entitles further to the yoga mat storage in the Yogakula Studio, as well as the free borrowing of mats and towels. Current contracts are subject to separate cancellation policies listed in section 3.3 of these terms and conditions.

Entitles you to participate in a single class and can be purchased individually or as a block of 10. Purchased units are valid for 12 months. Special cancellation rules apply to private classes listed in point 3.3. of these terms and conditions.


Prices and payment:

All prices including discounts are displayed at the reception desk and on the YogaKula Studio website and are the retail price including 20% sales tax.

A photo ID must be presented in order to claim discounts. Payment is made upon purchase of the respective pass/contract, either in cash, via ATM card payment, via credit card payment (online via the online booking system) or bank transfer (e.g. for pre-registration for workshops), in any case before the start of the respective class/workshop.

Payment for membership contracts is made by SEPA direct debit via the online system MindBody and PaySafe in monthly installments of equal size at the beginning of each contract month. As far as special conditions are granted, the customer has to announce a change of the basis (e.g. student) without being asked. After the change, the normal conditions are to be paid. In the case of an unlimited membership contract, the price shall be adjusted annually (cut-off date of the first contract) to the price valid at that time for the membership contract. The customer must be notified of this. If the customer rejects the price adjustment, he/she is entitled to terminate the contract in writing within fourteen days with immediate effect.


Cancellations of workshops/ yoga classes/ basic courses

Cancellations of yoga classes can only be made through the YogaKula studio's online system (Eversports). Cancellation of yoga classes is free of charge up to two hours before the class starts. In case of a later cancellation, the full amount will be due. Private classes must be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the start of the class, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

Workshop bookings can only be cancelled per e-mail, but the workshop fee is non-refundable. In the case of cancellations made 14 days prior to the start of the event, the customer will receive a credit minus 10 percent of the course fee for processing costs. In the case of cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the start of the course, no refund of the course fee can be made in the form of a credit note.


Changes in the course or event program, cancellation

Due to the fundamentally long-term planning, program changes are possible. The YogaKula Studio reserves the right to make changes to event days and locations, start times and course rooms, instructors as well as possible event cancellations. The participants will be informed in time and in writing (by e-mail). In case of cancellation of an event due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the customer has no right to demand that the event be held on time. Compensation for expenses incurred and other claims against YogaKula Studio do not exist. The same applies to last-minute changes of dates or schedules or changes of teachers. If an event has to be canceled, a deduction-free refund of already paid fees will be made.



All workshops will be held with a minimum of 5 participants. If a workshop is cancelled due to too few registrations, the registration fee will either be refunded or can be used as credit for a future workshop. If a workshop has to be cancelled by Yogakula for other reasons, the money will also be refunded. If desired, the participation fee can also be used as a credit to the customer.

4. cancellation for cause

The cancellation of cards BEFORE the expiration of the validity can only be done for an important reason, especially in case of illness (doctor's confirmation) or pregnancy. In this regard, a request must be sent in writing by email to The non-use of the offer of Yogakula due to other reasons lying in the sphere of the customer, which do not entitle the customer to extraordinary termination/suspension, does not entitle the customer to a reduction or reclaim of his payment.

5. health condition and liability

Participation is at the customer's own risk. YogaKula is not liable for the consequences of improperly performed exercises and any resulting damage to health. The customer declares with the purchase of a class/pass/membership contract that he/she is healthy and mentally stable and able to cope with the relevant physical and mental demands and will only participate in yoga classes or workshops in such a condition. Participation in yoga classes or workshops under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted. Participation in yoga classes or workshops under the influence is only permitted with the consent of an employee of YogaKula.

The customer assures with his/her participation that he/she is not suffering from any contagious disease and that there are no medical reasons preventing the yoga exercises to be performed. In case of doubt, a doctor must be consulted. Chronic illnesses and other physical or mental ailments that could affect or endanger the yoga practice of other participants are to be communicated to the course instructors prior to the start of each class. In the case of pregnancy, the client must obtain medical clearance prior to participation.

The employees of YogaKula are entitled - without any obligation to examine or liability for the decision - to deny the customer the practice of yoga classes according to their own assessment of the state of health. In such a case, the customer has no right to a refund of the price or rebooking.

6. liability for valuables

The customer is informed that there are lockable lockers in the premises of YogaKula and the keys are to be taken into the yoga room. As sufficiently communicated in the studio itself, YogaKula assumes no liability for lost clothing, money or valuables of any kind. Claims for damages of any kind are excluded in this regard.

7. data protection regulations

Personal data of the customer (surname, first name, address) will be used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contract by YogaKula, and will not be disclosed to third parties, except and only if necessary to contractual partners such as tax advisors and lawyers of YogaKula.

The customer agrees to the transfer of his/her data to YogaKula for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, and further agrees that his/her data will be stored in YogaKula's computer system for a maximum of 10 years (with the exception of possibly existing, longer legal storage obligations) after the last visit to the studio. All data will be treated confidentially and secured in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. For the use of personal data by YogaKula, the customer has to give his explicit and separate consent in the registration form (online or in the studio).

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8 Jurisdiction, applicable law

Austrian substantive law shall apply to the exclusion of any conflict of law provisions. The contract language is German. The English translation of the General Terms and Conditions is a pure service of the studio for English-speaking customers, but does not represent a binding contract text, respectively English is not a contract language. If the KSchG is not applicable to the contractual relationship, all disputes between YogaKula and the customer as the exclusive jurisdiction for YogaKula locally and factually competent, ordinary court agreed.

9. collateral agreements

There are no additional agreements to these terms and conditions. Changes to these terms and conditions must be made in writing, as well as a surrender of changes. Should individual clauses of these GTC be invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses and the contract shall remain valid in principle, whereby the invalid clause shall be replaced by a clause that comes closest in economic terms to the purpose of the invalid clause. The written form requirement shall be met by transmission by email. If the customer has provided an email address, all messages between the contracting parties may be sent by email.