New Classes in December

  • 02.12.22

Bodyart, Stretch&Flow, Barre, Mandala Flow

Fri 02.12.22

New on yogakula schedule starting 1st of December 2022:


Every Monday 10:00 - 11:00 with Delia

BODYART training meets DEEPWORK training, full body workout that combines the dynamic, cardio and plyometric exercises of DEEPWORK training (external work) with active stretches, lower back release, balance, core and strength exercises of BODYART training (internal work).
The holistic principles of polarity - yin and yang, and movements based on control and release make this Workout different from any other trainings you have come across before.
All Levels


Every Monday 19:00 - 20:00 with Yvonne

Improve your mobility and flexibility in just 60 Minutes. This class is a combination of dynamic and fluid postures with focus on releasing the tensions and blockages.
All Levels


Every Monday 7:30 - 8:30 with Ulrike

Yin in the morning? With this Yin/Yang practice your start into the day will be relaxed and full of new energy at the same time. In the Yin part of this class we are holding the asanas 2-3 minutes to have a nice stretch and mobilization of the whole body. After taking it slow, we are getting a bit more dynamic with some rounds of gentle Sun Salutations and activating Pranayama to speak to your Yang side as well.
The class ends with a seated meditation together.


Every Tuesday 9:00 - 10:15 with Ulrike

In the Mandala Vinyasa practice we flow 360 degrees around our mat. These circular flows create an unique balance between dynamic movement and resting positions. A creative way to observe our inner landscape deeper. There is no left or right, now beginning or end of the mat, everything becomes one. Each movement evolves in deep connection to the breath and the class’s focus varies from practice to practice. One time we will focus more on backbends, another time there will be a deeper opening of the hips or lengthening of our side body.
All Levels

BARRE Workout:

Fridays 2., 16., 23. December 16:00 - 17:00 with Marlene

Holistic workout which incorporates elements of ballet, Yoga and Pilates. It’s fierce and fun! Barre workouts are known for intense leg and seat workouts, effective core blasts and isometric movements for externally rotated thighs, arms and shoulders. We use weights, blocks and a chair. Let’s fall in love with our bodies and have fun!
All Levels

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