Headstand Workshop

Lenka Minarik
  • 05.06.22

Headstand Workshop

Sun 05.06.22 13:00 — 16:00
Preis: 50€

Headstand is the queen of asanas! In this Workshop with Lenka you will learn how to keep the neck safe by learning how to use our arms and shoulders for the optimal support. Come and learn how to enter headstand safely and with control!

Inversion Workshop Series

This series of workshops will introduce you to the basics of inverting your body into a headstand, forearmstand and handstand. Additionally, the handstand workshop will happen twice, at the beginning of May and beginning of August, to check on you progress, answer the questions and get new tools and techniques to keep you motivated to practice further. Because inversions are a journey!

May 1st Handstand Workshop

June 5th Headstand Workshop

June 26th Forearmstand Workshop

August 7th Handstand Workshop

It's all about practice: Similar to yoga practice itself, inversions can become almost addictive, once you have one, you want to collect them all. Or maybe you like to just give a it a go once, that’s ok as well! Inversions are inspiring, challenging (for some!), and sometimes it requires a shift and proper technique, in order to overcome the fear of them.

Who is this workshop for? If you are a passionate beginner, that likes to start building the proprioception and techniques for inverting already; or been practicing for some time now, but didn’t get into the inverted positions yet; these workshops are perfect for you. We will learn the basics of balancing, tools in how to get stronger, to find control and even how to fail or fall from a position in a safe way.

The workshop is suitable for yoga beginners. If you have any neck related injuries, or diagnosed osteoporosis, this workshop is not recommended by us.

One workshop € 50
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