Yoga Essentials

18. Juni 2019

As a long-time yoga practitioner and instructor, I was surprised to find my Trikonasana or triangle pose was in need of critique. But in Yoga Essentials the Instructor was swift and kind to give me my missing links to alignment of my hips to bring my triangle to another level.

Yoga Essentials, offered every Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon at YogaKula, welcomes and challenges every sort of practitioner. The instructor takes their time to instruct basic poses, down to the tendon, of how one should be channeling their breath and their alignment. With the use of blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc. every person is able their level and understand what needs to be engaged.

For experienced yogis: Yoga Essentials is fantastic to better understand one’s body awareness and alignment. The instructor finds the micro adjustments and helps to break habits that may be hindering one’s practice.

For newer yogis: Yoga Essentials is a dream to connect body to breath. Each posture is shown, explained, and then one is given multiple opportunities to try the posture again. The class is a slower pace, so questions are very welcome and time is given for individual help and corrections.

Yoga Essentials is for everyone. With Vinyasa style practices becoming increasingly popular, it is important to slow down and get back to basics, or the essentials of yoga. To bring out the benefits in each posture with true alignment and to fine tune a beautiful practice.

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