Disconnect from Stress

30. Oktober 2018
Disconnect from Stress

Restorative Yoga: Disconnect from Stress

Learning how to be truly comfortable takes practice, and that is why learning Restorative Yoga from a teacher is important. Being in class gives you the chance to ask for help, to get the blanket under your neck just right so it feels like a cocoon so your neck and jaw and shoulders can actually let go of tension. The experience of being covered with a blanket is deeply comforting. Allowing ourselves this time to be cared for is soothing and emotionally important. We all need to be wrapped up sometimes. If you tend to stay away from your emotions these poses offer a quiet space to reconnect. If you find it hard to turn off your mind this practice offers you a way towards unplugging.

Be prepared when you first dip into this practise you may come face to face with how tired or run-down you actually are. Another common reaction is the resistance, or fidgeting that comes with being still when used to always being on the go. Often new students find they need to sleep more, or feel sleepy after a practise. This is because they were tired before but living at a rhythm too fast to notice how tired they were. I consider this a turning point in the practise, when what you learn on the mat starts to affect your lifestyle. No, we can’t always stop our busy lives and have a nap - but we can start with 10-20 minutes of rest each day. Maybe just before bed, maybe during a lunch break. We can look at our calendars and cancel unnecessary appointments, or plan our days to have built in moments of calm. If we carve out the time we need to take care of ourselves, if we are well less stressed... imagine what kind of life we can lead?

Imagine what kind of world it would be if we all did Restorative Yoga.

Sarah Scharf