Barbara Dagach

06. Januar 2020
Barbara Dagach

My journey into somatic work started during my fieldwork in South America, with the generous indigenous men and women who have showed me the universality of human spirituality and its foundation on our planet earth and our body, as a sacred vessel to be taken seriously in its expressions.

Mesmerized by the clarity and accessibility of embodied wisdom I started to integrate somatic work into my life. My Anthropology studies, practice of Yoga and Dance Therapy helped me rediscover and reconnect to the knowledge of the body.

Today, as a Yoga teacher, I am so grateful that I can indulge every day in anatomy, new scientific research and bodywork, doing what I love most, learning to listen to the intelligence of my body in movement and stillness.

My teaching is informed by the master instructors who have guided me with their kind-hearted spirit and have shared their knowledge and experience so generously. To name a few Judith Hanson Lasater, Mary Richards, Alessandro Gozzi, Katie Phelps and many others.

I want to offer you the ability to relearn the language of your body. Yoga for me is not about the shape. It’s about nurturing, healing and rejuvenating the body, especially in Restorative Yoga.

It is about you! And we all come in different shapes. I teach alignment focused Vinyasa Flow, you learn to practice based on anatomical reality by listening to your body. Coming from your embodied experience you will rediscover a deep connection to yourself and magically to those around you.

When you start a continuous dialogue with your body, you will be surprised about its innate power of healing and wisdom. Empathy and compassion towards yourself will arise, qualities that not only make your own life rewarding but also the life of those around you.

Starting January I am teaching at YogaKula every Thursday 15:30 - 17:00 Restorative Flow Class.