Stay close to yourself

27. Januar 2018
Stay close to yourself

Let's learn to use our doubt as a sacred place to start.

Hiding has a cost, so keep talking, asking, lighting the path, and lasting. Keep knowing there's grace in all of it. Whatever the question, remember this truth: you've designed the scene you're seeing perfectly, in order for you to grow, and it's time to trust completely that you already know what's needed next to evolve. Time to map out the smallest next step.

And when you forget what you know, let your fear be surrounded by love. Pave an easeful path from one to the other. Have empathy enough to cover all of your thoughts with a blanket of kindness; forget your physical features and practice purposeful blindness to anything but your highest.

Then you can bring to this world your most refined behavior.

Stay close to yourself. Be your own savior.

Elena Brower