The body’s needs are so simple

16. Februar 2018
The body’s needs are so simple

The body’s needs are so simple - warmth, energy, and comfort. Most of our additional needs come from the mind.

Yoga is growing and becoming an important part of every day life. This rapid growth and increasingly scientific approach to yoga is making it overly complicated and technical, especially for beginners, and is also leading toward a superficial fitness and yoga-to-go kind of mindset.

It is time to become more aware of the wonderful simpleness of yoga. But how can you find and recognize the right yoga for you?

Whether you are alone or surrounded by other yogis - your practice will feel like home. Slowly, you will create a well of energy from which you can draw upon in any given moment, simply by remembering to close your eyes and relax your shoulders. You can continue to come home to yourself again and again.