Celebrating Sun Solstice

annemarie VENUSfrequency
  • 19.12.21
Anne Marie Yoga Kula 030

Journey into the world of CHAKRAS

So. 19.12.21 13:00 — 15:30
Preis: 45€

The days around the winter solstice are a time to feel inside what you want to bring to light.

  • What should be born in you?
  • What are you ready to reveal?
  • What light are you ready to ripen in you.

If gathering strength and enjoying silence is more your Sunday afternoon nature than running around noisy holiday markets, then spend this one with Annemarie for a wonderful "mind | body | spirit | experience" celebrating the Winter Sun Solstice with a journey into the world of Chakras.

Connect yourself through your yoga practice, to ease into this cold but cozy season, to harmonize your Chakras and to gather strength for the returning of the light and the new.

When we learn to observe the cycles of the seasons and work with them, syncing our energies up with the energies of earth, we reach another level of awareness. We can then honor the cycles of our body and the earth.

The Chakras are energetic and functional centers that work in different ways, containing information about how we use our Life Force our Prana. The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to balance these energy centers, developing your own inner awareness of these latent potentials, creating a sense of rest, focus, healing and balance from within.

Open to all Levels, taught in English