Restorative with Adelene Cheong

Adelene Cheong
  • 22.09.23
  • 23.09.23
  • 24.09.23

Adelene Cheong is coming to Vienna to teach a series of workshops on Restorative yoga.

She is a leading teacher and trainer in Restorative Yoga, Somatic Movements, Scoliosis and Yoga Nidra based in the UK. Through years of training, research, teaching, self-study and dedicated practice, Adelene has successfully helped herself and many others reclaim freedom (physically, emotionally and mentally), hope and empowerment within themselves. Join Adelene on this workshop to understand, to have a conversation, to practice, with lots of opportunities for Q&A. Suitable for all levels students and teachers who are interested in a non-invasive somatic approach.

45€ Relax and Restore Practice-based Class

Full Day Workshops:
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Relax and Restore Practice-based Workshop

Fri 22.09.23 17:30 — 19:00
Preis: 45€

To ‘rest’, to ‘relax’ and to ‘restore’ is essential to everyone especially in today’s society and stressful lifestyle. To ‘rest’ deeply is to experience relaxation, where there is effortlessness, quietness and peace.

Restorative Yoga (RY) is postures adapted from classical yoga asana, where the practice focus is relaxing the body in restful supported positions. Each pose is usually held for few minutes, gradually extending to longer hold for the experienced.

Consistent practice balances the autonomic nervous system, therefore supporting the environment to renew and heal.

Carefully selected from Adelene’s self-practice series, this practice-based workshop aims to support rest and healing, with time for stillness and reflection. A time for self care, rejuvenation and nourishment at a physical, emotional and mental level.

Yoga for Scoliosis: An Introductory Workshop

Sat 23.09.23 09:30 — 17:00
Preis: 160€

- Can yoga improve the condition of scoliosis?

- How does one practice yoga with scoliosis?

- Does it help, and yield sustainable long term results?

- What about the frustration, depletion, self-consciousness, and disharmony that one may experience?

As someone living with scoliosis, these were some of the questions Adelene had, and would like to share with you in this workshop.

With open discussions held within a safe environment, Adelene will share her journey and experience growing up, living and practising with scoliosis. We will learn and understand how to practice with scoliosis, and explore therapeutic practices to release negative tension and tightness from a somatic approach. This is a gradual healing process and a sustainable one with full embodiment and awareness. The intention is to meet ourselves where we are, to alleviate physical discomfort; re-map postural alignment; re-establish and refine balance; release emotional and psychological tension brought about by living with scoliosis.

This workshop offers:

- insights into the spinal health for those with scoliosis

- experiential practices to promote sensory intelligence

- accessible modifications for individual curvatures

- build confidence in managing and practising with scoliosis

- restorative postures to balance and rejuvenate

Restorative Yoga and Menopause

Sun 24.09.23 09:30 — 17:00
Preis: 160€

Menopause is more than physical changes in a women’s physiology. The emotional and mental fluctuations may often be equally if not more challenging for some. Partly the ‘M’ word was not openly discussed and acknowledged in many cultures in the past. There are definitely more resources on menopause today, and this workshop is intended to support just that.

During this day long workshop, we will explore reconnecting with the somatic experience of the body in each evolving moment, we will also practice stillness and deep rest to restore and rebalance hormonal changes. These day is specially designed with practices for women through this beautiful stage in life. It is all about meeting ourselves exactly where we are, with humility and honesty, to self regulate, self care and self love. There will be opportunities for discussions and Q&A, a women only workshop for those preparing or going through the stages of menopause.