Blindfolded Yoga

Lina Schindler
  • 04.12.22

Blindfolded Gentle Flow

Sun 04.12.22 15:00 — 16:30

It's not about what yoga looks like, but how it feels to you.
Use a scarf, sleep mask or handkerchief for the blindfold. We practice basic postures and gentle, flowing sequences. Practicing with your eyes closed allows you to dive deeper into your inner world and deepen the effects of mindful movement and stillness.

Why „Blindfolded Yoga“?

When I first practiced Blindfolded Yoga with Jeppe Skovgaard as a participant, I was deeply impressed. You can explore the space on and around the mat in a completely different way. You start to develop completely new methods to orient yourself on the mat with your eyes closed. Your perception of the positions and the sequence of movements will be much more intense. There is no more looking at how the others practice, you perceive your own body and your own voice and align it with your own sensations.

I want to share this profound and wonderful experience with you!

This class is also very suitable for blind and visually impaired people.


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