Yoga and Meditation Workshop

YogaKula Workshop Joey RobinsonWITH JOEY ROBINSON

SATURDAY, Apr 14, 2018

TIME: 14.00 – 16.30

PRICE: € 30

Yoga asana without meditation is like food without salt, like coffee without caffeine, like summer without swimming – something essential is just missing.  While asana alone is a powerful tool, combining it with meditation gives us access to a much deeper experience of PRESENCE. For anyone interested in exploring ‘what’s next?’, this workshop offers an introduction to meditation and a taste of its transformative potential. 

The many benefits of meditation have been extensively researched over the last decade. To name a few, it has been shown to:

  • decrease depression
  • regulate and improve mood and anxiety disorders
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • increase grey matter concentration in many areas of the brain
  • improve focus, attention, the ability to function under stress, information
  • processing, learning, memory, self-awareness and decision-making
  • fosters creativity
  • affects gene that control stress and immunity
  • reduce blood pressure
  • decrease cellular level inflammation and inflammatory disorders in general

This list could go on much longer…

While there are numerous types of meditation, this workshop will present the practice of Heartfulness Meditation, a simple system that invites you to connect to the energy of the Heart. This practice requires no previous experience with meditation. Regular meditators are invited to experience the difference. 


About Joey

Inspired by many styles, I teach an alignment-based Hatha Yoga, designed to give students a deeper sense of connection to, and freedom within, their bodies.  In doing so, I hope to help students cultivate an awareness of what they are and invite them to explore the vast potential of what they might become.

Since 2005, I have trained with numerous teachers in the US, Europe, and India, exploring a variety of yoga styles and approaches to health and movement. These include Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga™, Kripalu Yoga, Self-Awakening Yoga™ (certified), Feldenkrais, Voice & Movement Therapy, and meditation. 

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