• Fr. 30.11. – So. 02.12.18

Going Deep With Yoga Nidra Kate Kuss

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The yoga asana Savasana has been called the most important pose you can do. The benefits of Savasana include rest, relaxation and release. There are studies to support that Savasana relaxes the central nervous system and reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress, releases fatigue, tension and improves sleep. Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice done entirely in Savasana. It is a relieving meditation practice that almost anyone, anywhere can do. This practice is known for relaxing the whole self: including the body, mind and soul.

Join Kate and learn how Yoga Nidra creates calmness and peace in the body and mind. We will explore the positive effects of setting intentions and how to stimulate creativity with visualizations. We will learn how Yoga Nidra is a guide to travel through the layers of the self and connect with the soul.

This Yoga Alliance certified training will give you the confidence to teach others this healing practice.

Open to all teachers and students who want to deepen their knowledge on this meditation style and learn how to pass it down to their students, co-workers, family and friends.

About Kate:
Kate Kuss has experienced how a dedicated and earnestness yoga and meditation practice leads to a healthier life. Kate’s true love is sharing how we can take care of our body and mind and her classes are full of soul and steadiness. With over 1,600 hours of yoga teacher training, 500 hours of meditation training and teaching both students and teachers for over 8 years, Kate passes down yogic tools that we can be practiced both on and off the mat.

Fr. 30. November – So. 02. Dezember 2018
Price: 15€
Yoga Nidra 20 Hours Teacher Training

Daily Schedule in Vienna:

30 November
17:30 – 18:30 Lecture
18:30 - 19:30 Open Meditation and Yoga Nidra class

1 - 2 December
8:00 – 12:00 Lecture
13:00 – 14:00 Open Meditation and Yoga Nidra class
14:00 – 16:00 Lecture


20 Hours Teacher Training including Yoga Alliance certification 300 Euro

Open Meditation and Yoga Nidra Classes 1. and 2. December 15 Euro per Class