• Sa. 22. – Di. 25.02.20

Yin Yoga Training David Kim

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training offers yoga teachers and serious practitioners an accessible and insightful methodology that lays the groundwork for a profoundly meditative practice. Yin Yoga incorporates long, mostly passive postures, which gently stimulate the energetic channels that shift both our minds and bodies toward a more peaceful and intuitive place.

Sa. 22. – Di. 25. Februar 2020
Level 1: 30 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This program is designed for students and teachers who wish to develop a deeper knowledge of this multifaceted yoga style, and emerge with a working definition and basic teaching methodology for Yin Yoga. There will be a strong emphasis on Anatomy, highlighting skeletal variations, the role of connective tissue, and the nervous system. An introduction to mindfulness meditation will address the non-physical nature of this profoundly quieting practice.

Key Features of the 30-Hour Training include:

Yin Postures + Yin Theory: Proof Is in the Practice
Functional Anatomy: What Limits Our Movement? Tension vs. Compression
Posture Analysis: Adapting Poses To Fit the Student
Mindfulness Meditation: Paying Attention on Purpose
Daily Dharma: Cultivating Clarity of Purpose Every Day

Specific Highlights:

Yin/Yang Theory – Essence of the Dao
Elements of Nature: Defining Essential Qualities of Mind & Body
The ”Body” Defined: Western View of the Body vs. Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Introduction to Yin Yoga Practice
Yin Postures: Variations; Modifications
Yin Sequencing: How To Develop Cohesive Classes for All Levels
”Assessment” Postures: Finding an ”Appropriate Edge”

Functional Anatomy for Yin
Understanding Soft-Tissue Tension vs. Structural Compression
What is Connective Tissue? Exploring the Nature of Fascia
”Asanalysis”: Body-Mapping Our Unique Skeletal Variations

Channeling Energy:
Theories of Chi, Prana, and Neural Networks
Mindfulness Meditation: Focusing Attention on Purpose

Daily Schedule: Sat - Sun 8:00 - 17:00, Mon - Tue 8:00 - 15:30

Early Bird Price by payment till 10 Jan. €599; Regular Price €699