• 22.09.19

Tension Release for Body and Mind Adelene Cheong

from €85
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Tensed, stuck, painful, restricted, knotted, tight? What is tension? What is the relativity between chronic pain, mental or emotional tension?

In this experiential workshop, we will explore active release practices. This includes a combination of conscious movement and still poses to alter the tension structure and texture of the tissues. The intention is to increase the flow of Prana or Qi (life force), which translate to greater freedom of movement, offering a sense of space and agility from inside out.

As the mind has a direct experience paired with the physical expression, chronic tension may very likely be a habitual patterning of the mind, or vice versa. More to be discussed in the workshop…

Adelene will introduce and discuss the causes of tension, recognition of symptoms, and finally how to manage and release unhealthy negative tension in our body. We will explore movements and various positions in relation to gravity to promote the undoing, dismantling, and releasing of tension and tightness in the ‘stuck’ or restricted areas, ie. reduced Prana. Only when the body feels free, unburdened and spacious, that the breath and energetic body may fully express its potential, restoring health and vitality in the process.

This workshop offers:

• theory, discussions and experiential practices

• improve sensory intelligence

• somatic embodiment of recognizing and releasing tension

• enhance flow of Prana

• the process of conscious movements and still poses

Join Adelene in this transformational workshop to feel and experience sense of spaciousness whilst energised, openness and light, fluid and supple, resilience and organic expression of your being.

Suitable for all levels practitioners. Teachers and body workers welcome.

So. 22.09.19
Time: 10:15 – 17:00
Price: 85€

Lunchbreak: 13:00 - 14:15

Can be booked together with Saturday`s workshop "Yoga for Scoliosis"

Investment for both days: €150

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