• 15.12.18

Teacher Training Info Session Natalie Alison & Sarah Scharf

Yoga Kula Info Session Yogaworks

Join us for a free information session about the next YogaWorks Teacher Training in Vienna, starting March 30, 2019.

We begin with an hour long class taught in the YogaWorks method by local Yoga Kula teachers Natalie Alison and Sarah Scharf. The class will be in English. Our session will highlight the physical balance and sequencing that make this method unique.

The YogaWorks Teacher Training program blends yoga traditions from the east and west, integrating both into a practical and unique method that combines vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing. Whether you join us to become a teacher or simply to deepen your own practice, the YogaWorks training will uniquely prepare you to leave your mark on the world.

The training will be led by YogaWorks Senior teachers Anna Zorzou and David Kim, and assisted by Sarah Scharf.

Natalie and Sarah are passionate about sharing this method, after the yoga class there will be time for questions about the training.

"I like the clarity of the training and classes and that we safely guide our students through the practice.” - Natalie Alison

Natalie began practicing with YogaWorks in 2006 and went on to train in Los Angeles, where she completed their highest level of training and holds the 500 hour diploma. She has assisted Anna Zorzou with the 200 hour training and looks forward to helping build the YogaWorks community in Austria.

“This training is a way to understand the practice of yoga on many levels, a fabulous opportunity to study with great teachers and grow as a human being.” - Sarah Scharf

Sarah grew up with yoga in California and practiced with many YogaWorks influenced teachers. Along the way she completed multiple yoga trainings and happily added YogaWorks to her certifications in 2018 with David Kim and Anna Zorzou. Sarah has been teaching yoga since 2003.

Sa. 15.12.18
Time: 15:30 – 17:00

Space is limited, so please register online to hold your spot!