• 09.05.21

Side Body Joan Hyman

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Yogakula Joan Hyman Twisting

So. 09.05.21
Time: 09:00 – 12:00
Price: 50€
Opening your Side Body

Side bending postures in our asana practice can be extremely effective and open up the diaphragm, hips and shoulders.

By lengthening the rib cage, side bending can increase our energy level and allow us to feel invigorate and light. Our practice will include exploring lateral bending postures and end with pranayama to draw us inward, and help to explore our light within.

Pranayama helps us to shed light onto our darker places. It's a practice of turning our light of awareness inside. First we must remove blocks from our outer body before turning the lens inside. This will be a two hour asana practice focused on lateral bending, helping to wake up the muscles that support the diaphragm and hips so we can then move into a pranayama practice in a slow gradual way.

Benefits: Lengthening the rib cage, open up the diaphragm, hips and shoulders.

All Levels with basic yoga knowledge welcome.

All 5 Workshops with Joan €220, with € 20 discount for YogaKula Members.
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