• 23.02.19

S.O.S. Save Our Shoulders Sarah Scharf

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This afternoon of therapeutic yoga is for releasing our shoulders from the weight of the world and letting our necks move freely. We start with creating some healthy heat, getting familiar with the anatomy along the way. Juicy shoulder and chest openers will unwind the hunch of cold weather. We will look at some common Yoga postures (Downward-Facing Dog for example!) that can be used to create balance, and ease tightness in the shoulders and neck when done intelligently.

The use of props to help us lengthen the thoracic spine (upper back) will help yogis of all levels improve their practice and understand the concept of opening the heart area of the body.

Modifications will be offered for all of the active poses so they can be done to create as much or as little heat and effort as you need. Taking time to align our shoulders and head during our poses can create balance and ease tightness. Deep stretches for the neck and jaw will invite freedom to this area, with some self-care massage tips for the extra tough spots.

You will learn simple stretches to sneak in anywhere and some basic principles of how to have good posture at your desk. We end the workshop with Restorative Yoga to de-stress, which is often the cause of tension. Expect to leave lighter!

All levels

Sa. 23.02.19
Time: 13:00 – 16:00
Price: 45€