• 04.10.20

Restorative Workshop Rosa Stark

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So. 04.10.20
Time: 14:00 – 16:30
Price: 45€


Restorative Workshop with Rosa

At the core of this workshop stands one pose: Savasana. Using props like bolsters and blocks, we will support the body in various versions of final relaxation. A short introduction into the structure of the nervous system and the science behind Restorative Yoga will be followed by a long Restorative practice.

Restorative Yoga can help calm the mind, downregulate the nervous system, boost immune function, improve sleep and overall well being. In restorative poses, the body is propped so that it can hardly resist relaxation, staying in the shapes for longer periods of time. Whether you are a Savasana enthusiast, or you’re struggling with relaxation, this workshop is for you: Learn how to use gravity, stillness, and a handful of tricks to facilitate deep rest.

Additionally, Rosa will give tips for taking this practice home, as the restorative experience can be found anywhere where there is a couch or a chair, rice bags or towels.

About Rosa: Rosa has been teaching Yoga since 2012. She was trained in Restorative Yoga by Judith Lasater and Sarah Scharf and has been researching the effects of Restorative Yoga on Depression at University of Vienna, where she is a graduate student of Psychology.