• 04.05.19

Monthly Urban Retreat Kelly Cameron


90 min yoga class for the spine and nervous system.

There is nothing that goes on in our body without the brain being involved and nothing that goes on in the brain without the spine being involved. Our spine is the vehicle that drives the brain and it needs to be balanced and strong for proper functioning of our physical body as well as our mind.

Food: nourishment for the soul.

60 min Yin Yoga with essential oils and hands on ♥️ to nourish the adrenal glands.

Our adrenal glands are triangular shaped glands that sit a top of the kidneys and release energizing hormones of adrenaline and cortisol in times of stress.

In our fast - paced, always - on society, it is no wonder adrenal fatigue is being dubbed the stress syndrome of the 21st century.

Over taxed adrenals can cause chronic fatigue, digestive and sleep disorders. Feelings of burn out, exhaustion and stressed are often described as a result.
This yin class will be designed to nourish the adrenals, to sooth and relax with the accompaniment of essential oils and hands on touch to relax the nervous system.

Oils to be used: wild orange and basil

Wine Down - enjoy a glass of bubbly or bio wine and conversation to close your retreat.

About the Teacher:

I’ve been a teacher of the practice of Yoga for 12 years. I’ve been trained and inspired in various styles of the practice. Always curious and a student first, I’m currently studying with Yoga Medicine to become a yoga therapist.

I grew up in a small town on PEI, Canada. I’ve been blessed to have lived in several great cities in Canada and taught at amazing studios. Currently I am living in Vienna, Austria and enjoying all the European lessons. Yoga has always been the tool that helps me connect to communities. Thank you YOGA!!

My teaching shifts as I shift. My classes always draw from a variety of approaches I have trained in with philosophy always being the glue that holds it all together.

It’s a great honour and privledge to teach classes, workshops and retreats worldwide. Teaching has always been a huge part of my own personal journey. The practice of yoga is more interesting to me than ever. I love to study and apply Eastern and Western yoga and the meshing of Science in my approach to the practice, molding it in a way to help move us through life up’s and down’s. I believe yoga is a powerful way to teach us to pay attention to our bodies and connect to sensations. It is always my intention to help land you in the present moment and anything beyond that is icing on the cake. Every student has their own specific set of needs and if we can be present through yoga and meditation we can achieve the balance our bodies, our relationships and communities crave and need.

Off the mat I enjoy as much time outdoors as possible soaking in the therapeutics of nature, hanging with family and always having a girlfriend trip to look forward to. Contentment comes in the quiet moments of the evening where I can slow down and appreciate this thing called LIFE.

One breath at a time.. I look forward to any opportunity to breath together.

Sa. 04.05.19
Time: 14:00 – 18:00

€ 70 / € 60 for Members