• 29.11.20

Low Back Relief Rosa Stark

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So. 29.11.20
Time: 14:00 – 16:30
Price: 45€

Back pain is omnipresent in our society: about 60-70 % of people living in industrialized countries suffer from it at least once throughout their lives.

To improve symptoms, Yoga offers various modalities, like strength building, active stretching, soft tissue release, breath work, and deep relaxation.

This workshop will include all of these techniques. Following an introduction to the anatomy and the biomechanics of the low back, there will be foam rolling (fascia release). For the back strengthening part, we will first isolate some low back muscles, then work on skillfully engaging the whole circumference of the core, with breath playing a major role.

Last, we will carefully prop our bodies in restorative shapes of support, helping our nervous system downregulate, and releasing some of the structures that tend to be overworked (i.e. psoas).

This workshop is for anybody interested in deepening their knowledge and skill in working with their own low back or another person’s. We’ll discuss the meaning of end-range strengthening, 360° breathing, different definitions of core, and more.

About Rosa:

Rosa has been teaching Yoga since 2012. She was trained by Jason Crandell, Judith Lasater, and others, and has been studying the effects of Yoga on depression at University of Vienna, where she is a graduate student of Psychology.

All Levels Workshop, basic yoga knowledge recommended.