• Sa. 18. – So. 19.05.19

Heart Centered Practice James Higgins

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James Higgins Samuel Henderson 203


Through informed asana instruction, guided meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, sound, imagery and visualization, psychological inspiration, and periods of restorative rest, you will explore moderately challenging and comprehensive asana sequences—within your capacity but designed to explore the threshold of your ability to focus, engage, release, let go, enjoy, and rest in a good-hearted way.

Enjoy periods of meditative rest to support you in taking the necessary time to absorb and assimilate the deep work you will be doing from the asana sequences and to gain strength to find more clarity and peaceful awareness of breath and body. Through clear instruction and physical technique learn to gain deep energetic strength and soften further into the yogic qualities of love, care, kindness, and greater self of self understanding and compassion.

Reset and Renew, Release and Restore from any hidden tension in the body and mind which can be causing physical limitations, pain, trauma, fatigue, depression, and any unhappiness.

Join James Higgins for a mindful, insightful, and skillful meditative yoga practice weekend designed to engage you from the core of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual centers to create a spacious sense of peace and contentment.

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Sa. 18. – So. 19. Mai 2019
Time: 13:30 – 16:30
Price: 60€

€60 per session / €99 both sessions