• 22.12.19

Immune System Reboot Kelly Cameron

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Immune system reboot to tackle the holidays.

Our body deals with many different strains of tension and stress throughout the day and the holiday season can bombard it with responses that leave us feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed.

Fortunately tension can be released in many healthy ways: Myofascial Release, Yin, restorative.

We’ll use myofascial release balls to facilitate deep tissue release, targeting trigger points of common areas of tightness to promote a greater sense of ease. Yin poses to improve circulation and tissue hydration, stimulating our body’s own natural healing process to aid in muscle recovery and function.

Relaxing the nervous system and boosting overall functioning of our body’s systems in restorative shapes of support.

Safe guard your systems with 2 hours of self care. This is an afternoon of slowed down nurture and healing, encouraging you to find rest and strength to your body’s systems.

So. 22.12.19
Time: 14:30 – 16:30
Price: 36€