• Fr. 22. – So. 24.03.19

From Safety to Chaos Joey Robinson


There’s a problem you don’t know how to solve. Something you’ve built starts to come apart. Events force you to question what you want or believe...

Challenges like these push us from the safety and stability of ‘normal life’ toward a place of uncertainty and chaos. While this movement is inevitable, how we respond to it is not.

In four sessions of discussion, movement and meditation, this workshop explores:

- the experiences of safety, chaos and how the movement between them affects our mind, body and heart
- How we can respond more skillfully to uncertainty
- How we can train this ability during asana practice

While the themes of this workshop are deeply grounded in the body, they extend beyond it. As such, this workshop welcomes introspective individuals, interested in both deepening their practice and taking it off the mat.

As continuing education for teachers, this workshop offers a meditation on ‘the role and purpose of the teacher’, exploring different approaches to practice and their effects. In comparing these approaches with you own teaching, it invites you to ask: what am I really communicating when I occupy the seat of the teacher?


Volker Lobmayr: 'Joey Robinson’s workshop “From Safety to Chaos” is a well balanced mix of yoga postures, theory, introspection and reflection. It encouraged me to experiment more, to break out of my routines and expose myself to uncertainty, to let go of the past and to keep learning and growing. I wholeheartedly recommend Joey's workshops to anyone who wants to learn and grow a physical and mental level.'

Susanne Gschwendtner: 'Joey's workshops are awesome. I took this one twice already and still wanna go back for more. As an actor looking to deepen my understanding and awareness of vulnerability, this workshop definitely did the trick. It's an inspirational journey, and you come out feeling renewed and energized. I did yoga for years, but through Joey I feel like I understand what yoga's all about.'

Barbara Reininger: 'Wieder mal ein Yoga-Workshop vom wunderbaren Joey Robinson. Ich kann zwar diesmal nicht dabei sein, hab den Workshop aber schon 2x besucht. Empfehlung!'

Nadja Haumberger:

“Safety to Chaos” was my first ever yoga workshop. it helped me look beyond beloved asana in more than one sense. It has inspired me to go beyond a safety-driven approach in life into a more multi-layered view of both, safety and chaos, uncovering my own (re)actions in everyday and more challenging situations to enable a better understanding. On a more physical note, it was surprising to see my body & mind respond to an intense workshop experience with a significant amount of asana.”


'In creating this workshop, I wanted to connect the practice of asana and the challenge of living life in a way that increases our sense of wisdom, freedom and connection. For me, navigating this movement from safety and chaos is maybe the most basic challenge of life. It recurs over and over, and each time it does, we have a choice: go back to safety or go beyond it. Each choice leads us down a path, and either could be the right one, but often we don't really make this choice at all. It's made for us by our fear, by our subconscious, and by other people. This is a shame as this moment holds the potential to transform our lives. So how can we tap into it?

This workshop is a journey, and it only comes once a year! Hope to see you there. Joey

Fr. 22. – So. 24. März 2019

Friday, 22.03.18, 19:00 – 21:00 – Cycles of Awareness

Saturday, 23.03.18, 9:30 – 12:30 – Spaciousness in Challenge

Saturday, 23.03.18, 15:00 – 18:00 – Revealing the Personality

Sunday, 24.03.18, 13:00 – 16:00 – Owning Your Truth

Cost: 200€ regular, 180€ early-bird before Feb 1st of February.

This workshop is ONE 4-part experience.