• 09.05.21

Back-Bending Joan Hyman

from €50
Yogakula Joan Hyman Backbending

So. 09.05.21
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Price: 50€

Backbends can be scary and frustrating for some, however invigorating and expanding for others. To advance in your asana practice backbends are key for transforming the spine and creating a heightening effect in your nervous system.

To access these postures, the approach should be slow and methodically. When done correctly, backbends can heal and be extremely therapeutic on the back.

This Workshop will include: Discussion on key principles of back-bending and how to apply them in the advanced practice. Strong warm-up practice with standing postures and vinyasa flow. Key-practice with inversions and work at the wall to safely teach the wheels and opening the hip flexors and shoulders.

Benefits: Teachers and advanced practitioners, looking to deepen their understanding of yoga and how their body works, will benefit from this workshop in many ways.

All Levels with basic yoga knowledge and regular practice are welcome.

All 5 Workshops with Joan €220, with € 20 discount for YogaKula Members.
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