YogaKula Maria Soemardi WS 01 webWITH MARIA SOEMARDI

FRIDAYS / 11:00 -13:00

In this 4 part workshop series we will explore the idea of “intelligent strength” as the ability to control one’s range of motion in efficient ways. In these playful and rigorous practices, we venture outside of traditional asana practice, so that we can grow strong in a variety of contexts.

Variability is truly the spice of life. It not only brings freshness and fun to the practice , but also ensures that we are strong from every angle & area in our body rather than one way, one pose or one movement. These sessions will also support those with minor ailments.

Friday, September 7   Legs & Hips
Friday, September 14 Core
Friday, September 21 Wrists, Arms & Shoulders
Friday, September 28 Shoulders & Neck

Before August 15th: 4 sessions 120€ / 36€ single
After August 15th: 4 sessions 140€ / 42€ single

Registration Online or per Email