Kirtan Workshop

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SUNDAY, DEC 17, 2017

TIME: 14.30 – 17.00

PRICE: € 30

Kirtan is musical meditation. Literally translated to reciting or telling a story, Kirtan has its roots in the vedic anurkirtana tradition. In the western world Kirtan usually means a group of people singing in call and response.

This Workshop, shortly before Christmas and winter solstice, embraces different traditions and styles. Inviting individual expression into a supportive community we will chant mantras from all over the world. Sanskrit chants, Taize songs, and maybe, your favorite Christmas piece? Rosa and the harmonium will be ready to accompany you, playing with rhythm, harmony, and silence.


What’s great about Kirtan?


Singing allows us to manifest our inner state. In the practice of Kirtan we play with volume, melody, rhythm, and quality of sound. Improvising or staying in the pattern, this practice offers radical and direct expression and, ultimately, transformation of emotions and states.

Sound and silence

Movement and stillness, life and death, fullness and emptiness: Practicing Kirtan we take the spiritual poles very literally by throwing in breaks of sitting in stillness and observing before and after immersing in the rich sound of mantra. This way we turn our singing into a conscious, integral practice.

Light and darkness

Four days before winter solstice, the day that translates to the sun standing still in declination, we will be singing with the sun setting outside on one of the shortest days; The skies will support our playing with contrasts as they will be offering both light and darkness!


Devotion as a key to spirituality: Bhakti Yogis believe that surrendering and worshipping opens doors higher spheres. Kirtan belongs to the Bhakti’s toolset of devotional practices with harmonies and lyrics releasing emotions and speaking to our innermost sensations.


Together we hold the space for each other. We use our voices to build a solid foundation made of sound from which individual exploration is encouraged while staying grounded in the group.  


Singing releases endorphins! There is an organ in the ear called sacculus which responds to the frequencies created by singing. Its reaction creates immediate pleasure, regardless of what the singing sounds like.

Do I have to sing well?

No. You don’t have to be a trained singer. You don’t even have to be able to carry a tune or  sing at all. Everybody and every voice is welcome, whether audible, out of tune, or silent.

Can we sing my favorite mantra?

Possibly: Please email suggestions to Rosa will check if she can accompany it. Please note that suggestions after December 10 will not be considered.

Can I play?

Sure! Do you have a rhythm instrument at home you would like to bring? Please do. For other instruments please email Rosa beforehand.


Open to all levels, taught in English

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