Kalari Workshops

YogaKula Bruno Teyssandier Kalari Workshopswith Bruno Teyssandier

Saturday 30. June

Sunday 1. July

14:00  – 16:00 

Open to all Levels
1 Session 36 €, 2 Sessions 54 €

A sound Mind in a sound Body

Kalari training enables one to attain a sound mind and a sound body. 

Benefits of workshop: increase the stamina, strength and flexibility of your body depending on your physical nature. Your body will become more supple, receptive and sufficiently strong, and at the same time less vulnerable. After this workshop you will be perfectly trained in each and every aspect of this art form’s first part. This art can be learned at any age under the guidance of a teacher.

The Kalari training is mainly divided into three stages named: Meythari, Kolthari and Ankathari. The workshop will focus on the first part of the form called „Meythari“

Meythari – Meythari or body excercise is the first stage in the learning of Kalari Payattu. Meythari consists graded series of physical exercises, which helps to attain agile and supple body, stamina strength and quick relaxes of limbs, balance stability of foot works etc. In this workshops student learns various types of leg stretching exercises, and some stances like Gaja Vadivu (Elephant Pose) Aswa Vadivu (Horse Pose) Simha Vadivu (Lion Pose) etc. You will learn Leaps, Jumps, Twists, forward and side way movements unknown in other Martial Art forms.

To repeat and exercise Kalari Basics you can attend weekly regular „Movement Mix“ Classes at YogaKula: Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:30 and Wednesdays 15:00 – 16:30.


About Bruno:

Bruno Teyssandier was an active mountain and mountain bike tour guide before he came in contact with Yoga in 1998.

After an accident in Nepal, which made him turn around 180 degree, he decided to participate in a yoga teacher training in LA California in the fall of 1999.

Since then, he has studied Yoga in India between 2000 and 2018.

He owned, directed and taught at Yoga 108 in Marin county (California) and New Orleans (Louisiana) for 7 years, taught around the world from 2004 to this day.

He graduated from many methods of Hatha Yoga included but not limited to Bikram Yoga (L.A California 1999), Iyengar Yoga Therapy Program (Poona, India 2000-2001), Iyengar Yoga Apprenticeship (San Francisco, California 2001-2002), Moksha/Modo yoga (Montreal, Canada 2010) , studied with Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga yoga) in Mysore India for 9 months 2003-2004, Cameron Shane (Budokon Yoga) in Dusseldorf 2015, and mainly he has been a dedicated student of Senior Iyengar Teacher Manouso Manos for over 16 years.

Since 2015 Bruno has been practicing Qigong and Tai Chi. 2017 he discovered Kalaripayattu and studied the basics of this art.

In March 2018, he graduated from Flyhighyoga@ in Bali, a method that is inspired by the Iyengar yoga tradition using device to hang and be supported by belt hooked on the ceiling.

His directions are firm but nurturing, he teaches from a warm heart and sense of humor, yet with strong focus.

Bruno is teaching in English.