Some of the yoga poses may seem unusual at the beginning. Please do not put too high of expectations on the first classes. Over time, your body will become more coordinated, the poses will feel more natural, and the relationship between your breath and movement will improve. You do not have to be flexible and bendy to practice yoga. With time and patience, you will become more limber. If during class your breath becomes short or you begin to hold your breath, carefully stop what you are doing and find a relaxing position either seated or lying down. Wait until your breath has returned to normal before resuming the class. Breaks are always allowed with us at YogaKula! Talk to us about difficulties or issues that arise during class.
Choose comfortable clothing that neither constrains your movement nor is so loose or billowy that it gets in the way. Yoga is practiced barefoot. If you don’t have your own yoga mat to bring along, you may borrow one at the studio. The classrooms have all necessary props.
We recommend a regular yoga practice of at least one day a week, or better yet, twice, to feel the positive effects of a yoga practice. If you want to practice more often, it is possible to practice up to 6 days a week. It is best to include both quiet and active classes in your practice so that you find a balance between the two.
Yoga is not a religion but rather a philosophical and physiological system that originated in India many thousands of years ago.
Yes, we have separate changing rooms with showers and lockers. Soap dispensers and hair dryers are also available.