Pre-Natal Course

Geneva Moss
  • 01. – 29.06.22

yoga for healthy pregnancy

Mi. 01.06.22 17:15 — Mi. 29.06.22 18:30
Preis: 95€

Yoga for pregnant women is tailored to the needs of the mother-to-be.

From the 13th week of pregnancy you can start a regular yoga practice.
Learn modifications of classic yoga poses suitable for pregnancy to adopt in open classes.

A balanced and safe exercise program supports and strengthens the changing body. We strengthen the leg and back muscles to be able to carry the extra weight well. Stretching exercises help release tension in the chest and shoulder area. Special breathing exercises have a calming effect, lower blood pressure and prepare for childbirth.

Yoga during pregnancy can prevent and alleviate typical symptoms. You do not need any prior yoga experience to attend the class.

5 Week Course package € 95

if you cannot make a class you have the ability to make up your class in another appropriate class for up to one year of purchase.