Space and Flow


20 – 22 October 2017

Location: Yogakula Vienna

SPACE and FLOW is a Yoga-based movement practice promoting a healthy spine and joints, muscular strength and body-mind awareness.
Based on spinal and joint integrity and the understanding of the role of the nervous system in growth and physical potential S&F classes progress to the practice of flowing sequences investigating the ground, the human spine, the breath, and their sensorial qualities.


Friday 20 October 17:00 – 18:30 Open class
with regular YogaKula Cards or Memberships
Saturday 21 October 10:00 – 13:00
Asana: A Vinyasa perspective Workshop
€ 60
 ‘The primary quality of an asana is to be found in the travel to it.’
 Looking at the practice of asanas through the lens of Space and Flow’s first rule: The primary quality of an asana is to be found in the travel to it, this workshop will offer a way into shapes that are action-based, as opposed to picture-based, and which do not rely on aesthetics nor ‘straight-line alignment’.
We will work on making the distinction between ‘working from inside out’ and ‘outside in’ whilst discussing the kinaesthetic and learning strategies open to us when we listen AND follow.
Saturday 21 October 14:00 – 18:00
Sequencing Workshop A: Kinetic Koan Framework
€ 70
This workshop will be based on the play-concept of Kinetic Koans (physical riddles) as a base to create vinyasa sequences directly relevant to (and relying on) the participants physical and mental activity during class. This type of sequencing tend to build up slowly but often ends up offering a myriad of possibilities, including a way towards remembering movement patterns in relation to the ‘questions’ they answer.

The subjects of learning strategy, kinaesthetic awareness, and of one’s ability to embrace a process-orientated type of practice will be addressed and discussed throughout the session.

Sunday 22 October 10:00 – 13:00
S&F Repertoire Workshop: Scirocco Sequence
 € 60
This workshop will revolve around the practice of the Scirocco Sequence, how it was created, what are the various ways to scale it (make harder/easier), and how could one possibly use it in their self practice (and teachings!) to advance their understanding of Vinyasa.
We will discuss the physiology and biomechanics implied and experiment with the concept of flow as something that can perhaps allow pauses to take place in between movements.
Sunday 22 October 14:00 – 18:00
Sequencing Workshop B: 9 in 3 Framework
€ 70
This workshop will be about the Space & Flow ‘NINE in THREE’ sequencing framework as a tool for creating (and teaching) Vinyasa sequences. We will work to create a couple of sequences on the day and discuss the various possibilities for such a framework to be helpful for teachers, students, and practitioners wanting fresh ideas to revive their self-practice.
The subjects of learning strategy and of one’s ability to memorize Vinyasa sequences will also be addressed and explored using what Raphan calls ‘the bedrock concept’. The bedrock concept consists of distinguishing the major structure of a sequence from its minor attributes, and to realize what ‘can go’ and what ‘should stay’.
Important information:
All four workshops, including the sequencing workshops, are open to all ability levels and are aimed at movers, practitioners, teachers, and students of Vinyasa Yoga who are willing to investigate, through serious and physical play, using both their bodies and brains.
Each workshop during this weekend can be taken individually without any prerequisites nor need to attend the whole series.
Finally, as usual with Space & Flow workshops, the practice shared will aim to promote Yoga, and in particular Vinyasa, as a platform for experimentation, self-discovery and ultimately a path towards self-expression; as such these sessions are open to all (beginners & experienced practitioners/teachers alike) who are willing to test out, make mistakes and smile at the idea of being lost in space.
About Raphan:
Raphan Kebe is a teacher and artist responsible for the Space and Flow (S&F) method of somatic and movement enquiry. S&F is both a movement modality and a teaching method based on spinal and joint integrity, muscular strength and the understanding of the role of the nervous system in growth, physical potential and ultimately health. Raphan is currently training as a Feldenkrais practitioner and studying for an M.F.A in Choreography.  Read more:
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