Yoga and Therapeutics

Annie Carpenter
  • 12.05.23

Practice & Therapeutics

Fri 12.05.23 10:00 — Sun 14.05.23 16:30
Preis: 450€

We are happy to announce that Annie Carpenter will come back to yogakula to teach a 3-day workshop in May 2023.

Every day will start with a strong morning practice, followed by an afternoon lab, focussing on anatomy and common problems and solutions.

Day 1: Hips, Knees and Feet

Day 2: Shoulders and Neck

Day 3: The Spine

This continuing education module is for suitable for yoga practitioners, as well as yoga teachers.

Further details will be announced soon!

If you want us to notify you directly when further details are announced, you can send us an email to & you will be the first one to know more!

Get to know your teacher: Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter, creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, is an international Yoga teacher based in Northern California. Known as a “teacher’s teacher” she has created a well-respected system of Yoga practice and Teaching methodology. Annie’s playful personality and focused intelligence brings depth, clarity and exuberance to her classes. A committed student of Yoga for over 40 years now, Annie continues to bring her passion and curiosity, love of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation and classical philosophy into her teachings. Annie is the author of SmartFLOW Yoga, a complete set of practice DVDs produced by Udaya, and Yoga for Total Back Care, a DVD produced by Yoga Journal, and several SmartFLOW manuals. She contributes regularly to Yoga Journal. An influential Teacher Trainer since 2003, Annie leads 200/500 trainings and workshops globally, and at

Annie’s SmartFLOW Yoga is a modern approach with an anatomically sound foundation and inspired, creative sequencing. Annie’s method is rooted in deep respect and years of practice in the lineages of Integral, Iyengar and Astanga Yoga. Annie is committed to inquiry and mindfulness, which inevitably leads to spiritual development and light-heartedness. SmartFLOW Yoga guides you to know your true Self. With the knowledge of the true Self comes compassion, peace and appreciation for all life.