New Class: Power Release

27. Mai 2019
New Class: Power Release

Your feet will be jumping for joy with the new class Power Release beginning in June.

If you want to take your practice to a new level, fascial release work will increase joint lubrication and flexibility that can render profound effects. If you have experienced injuries due to overexertion in any aspect, Fascia work could be the key to your recovery.

Fascia is the glue to the muscular body.

It is the tissue that stabilizes, connects, and lubricates our muscles to each other, our tendons, and bones. Your fascia webs throughout your entire body, connecting you from head to toe. Myo refers to muscle, and meridian lines are basically special points of the body that help one part communicate to the other. Working to release blockages of the myofascial meridian lines will increase mobility and neuromuscular communication throughout the body.

How to know if you have fascial blockages or injuries.

Basically, if you have suffered an injury recently, or are a repetitive exerciser (runner, cyclist, sun-salutation enthusiast, etc.) you may have some built up blockages throughout the body. Fascia can thicken and become inflamed as a way to protect the larger muscle, therefore creating restrictions throughout the body, that can eventually lead to pain or injury.

Power Release at YogaKula is designed to target specific parts of the body and muscle groups to increase mobility and relieve built up tension.

The sequence of the class will couple the fascial work with rubber balls as well as asanas that target that same part of the body. The “Power” aspect of the class is performed through strength building with the core and pelvic floor region, to which will stabilize newly found mobility and connectivity.

Mondays 19:30 - 20:30 and Thursdays 11:00 - 12:30

Monday classes will be taught in German and Thursday classes in English.

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