Posture Clinic with Leslie

31. Juli 2018

Do you feel like you aren’t moving through your practice as well or as efficiently as you would like? Are you willing to look honestly at your current practice and make some changes?

If you answered yes to a question above, Leslie can help you determine what in your practice is and is not working and then teach you to move more purely and with less compensation. With Leslie, your will increase your awareness, learn how to become your own best teacher, and cultivate a practice that truly serves your body.

About Leslie:

Leslie has taught yoga overseas since becoming an RTY-200 hour certified teacher in 2015 and practiced Vinyasa flow for years prior. She has completed two specialized courses in therapeutic yoga through Functional Synergy in Calgary, Canada, and is excited to help students closely examine how they move and teach them how they can move better. She has applied therapeutic principles to her own practice and found a new level of enjoyment of asana, higher quality of breath, and a more sustainable yoga practice.

More about Leslie:

Payment: 40 euro/session. Please pay Leslie directly after each session. Scheduling: email to make an appointment.