Therapeutics: Discover your Potential

31. Juli 2018
Therapeutics: Discover your Potential

What exactly is yoga therapy?

Simply put, yoga therapy uses movements and techniques from yoga to support people as they work to reduce pain and tension and/or improve the range and stability of their structure. This may sound quite a lot like yoga in general, but the intention is slightly different. A yoga therapist uses yoga to support a client’s needs, not to teach a particular yoga style or asana.

Who can benefit?

With my approach, essentially anyone can benefit from yoga therapy. We all can learn to listen for those “yellow lights,” the body’s signal that something isn’t right, and use them to understand how the body is managing the forces and the load we’ve placed on it. A yellow light many not be actual pain. A yellow light could be holding the breath, clenching the jaw, lifting the chin, or bracing for a movement. As we listen to the lights and learn how to move with less wasted effort, everything starts to shift. When the body moves as it should, pain and strain begin to ease, muscles work better, and flexibility, mobility, and strength increase.

If you have moderate chronic or cyclical pain or tension that you’d like to resolve, please join our Therapeutics Class every Thursday 8:30 - 9:45 am. If you don’t have any pain but feel like you’re stiffer than you’d like to be or don’t move as well as you’d like to, sign up. If you feel like something is missing from your usual yoga practice but don’t quite know what it is, sign up. If you want a teacher to work specifically with you, watch you move, and support your discoveries about your body, your spirit, and your entire being, then sign up today. Space is limited.

As the teacher of this class, my intention is for you to be blown away by the potential for how great you could feel and how well you could move just by being given some tools and tips that are unique to you. Upon completing the four sessions, you will leave with a solid understanding of how to move your practice forward effectively and sustainably. I am really looking forward to it!

See you on the mat,