Yoga Therapeutics

aja_Zilih_Align_Assist_Heal_Vienna_YogaGuideCombination of specific and detailed alignment strategies with gentle and particularly mindful approach to asana, with an aim to alleviate pain and address issues in the spine and joints.


Especially recommended to students:
– who experience discomfort/pain in the lower back, pelvis, neck, knees or other joints, and wish to learn the posture modifications tailored to their needs
– who wish to learn the optimum alignment of joints and spine in yoga postures, as well as the common misalignments and how to avoid them
– who want to dive more deeply into the therapeutic dimension of yoga
– who are just starting their yoga practice and want to acquire solid postural foundation before moving on to faster, flow-like classes

– who wish to adopt a holistic approach to pain and ailments, engaging all of oneself in the healing process

– who want to understand their body better by learning more about the muscular and skeletal systems


All Levels / with regular YogaKula Cards