Maria Soemardi

Maria Soemardi YK_01Maria’s approach to yoga is primarily informed by her studies in Anusara and Iyengar Yoga.
It is her hope to serve each student in their respective journey toward optimal health, self-knowledge and liberated living. She specialises in therapeutic applications of yoga, utilising her knowledge and skills to help others alleviate pain. She believes that a well rounded yoga and meditation practice can enrich anyone’s life. Through her teaching she hopes to make the benefits of yoga accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds.

I truly believe that every human being yearns to know themselves fully. Yoga offers us a platform to do exactly that. In yoga asana we use the body as a doorway to understanding and experiencing oneself more deeply. It begins with the outermost layers: bones, muscles etc. From this starting point we can get to know more subtle aspects of who we are. Yoga invites us to journey deeper and deeper into the Self, leaving no part of ourselves undiscovered. It is this ever-deepening experience of oneself that brings with it a more liberated experience of not only oneself but of life itself.”

In Maria’s classes you will be guided through a safe, intelligent and yet challenging practice. She has a very clear and precise way of instructing while maintaining a light-hearted, fun atmosphere. Her teaching method is orderly and sequential, to allow for progressive learning.

Maria is an advocate for prop usage. Props such as blocks, belts, wall ropes, chairs etc may be used for a variety of reasons. Props can make poses accessible that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible, they can furthermore be a teaching tool to help educate the body, at other times they can deepen the experience of a pose.

Maria teaches workshops, intensives and retreats in Austria and abroad year-round.
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