Kids Yoga

YogaKula KidsYoga_01with Kevo

every Wednesday 15:15 – 16:30

starting 14th of February

The practice consists of a creative type of yoga flow orientated on Next Generation Yoga’s approach.

The idea is to encourage children to use their whole body, independent mind as well as intuitive senses. The class should enhance their capacity for concentration, their ability to focus (being in the moment) and promote a flexible and healthy body as well as help them to appreciate who they are and how they look like.


The sense of community will also help kids to generate a feeling of togetherness and tolerance. It will also improve their communicative and expressive skills when shouting, singing and sharing.

The classes will provide a space for intercultural encounter with their Kenyan yoga instructor and for dialog about worldly issues in a safe and personal environment. Most importantly it is supposed to be fun!


Age 6 – 12 Years, basic English skills are beneficial

Small group, please pre-register

Kids get special price of 55€ for 5 classes, single class for 15€, please pay with cash at the reception desk.