Iyengar Yoga Through the Chair

Vula Bolu Iyengar Chair_00 webwith Vula Bolou

23 – 24 September 2017

10 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 16:00

Iyengar Yoga weekend workshop with focus on the use of chairs in the practice of āsana.


Our four-legged friend, the Chair, is almost as multifaceted and, one might claim, as loyal as a canine or feline companion. One might presumptuously just sit and lean back on to it to rest. Or .. go wild and use it as a power tool to support, extend, twist, invert and restore. All āsanas may be practiced with the chair in a million and one ways – in typical Iyengar yoga fashion. The physical characteristics of the chair (height, width, surface areas, sturdiness) make for a multidimensional experience singlehandedly.

For a general practitioner, the chair allows for a lengthier stay in the āsana and for localising one’s attention to a particular area in order to raise deeper levels of consciousness. For a somewhat challenged student, the chair makes it possible for some of the āsanas to be understood and even performed. For an average patient and the senior students, the chair might constitute the only possibility for the āsanas to be practiced.

Join us in this weekend workshop for some insight into the Chair – whatever your level, knowledge and ability might be. Yoga teachers might particularly benefit, since this will provide intelligent solutions for the challenged students. It is also possible to accompany one such student to the workshop to see the chair in action.

Some prior experience in yoga practice is beneficial


VulaBolouPortrait_webAbout Vula:

Vula Bolou (BSc, MSc) is a Junior Intermediate III Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Her practice began in 1994, over 23 years ago and continues to reveal itself continuously, providing a platform for tapas (ascetisism), svādhyāya (self-study) and īśvara praṇidhāna (surrender to God) (Patañjali Yoga Sūtra, II.1). She has been studying with the Iyengar family and senior teachers worldwide. She is one-half of Santorini Loves Yoga Retreats and together with fellow yoga teacher extraordinaire, Anna Zorzou, organises the self-explanatory retreats annually. She lives with her partner in Athens, affecting the world a class at a time from her Iyengar Yoga Studio, Tree Of Yoga.


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