Yoga and Dance

Kyler Breed YK_web02Creating Movement from the Intelligence of Yoga

with Kyler Breed
22  June, 15:30 – 17:00

regular Class for members or with Class Card

Are you looking to expand with the energy of Summer?

This course engages the forms, energy, and physicality of Yoga, and invites participants to venture off the mat, and across the floor, into more dynamic movement.


Sun salutations provide a foundation for movement that incorporates the rhythm of the breath, as it relates to the spiraling energy of the spine. The arms and legs act as landing gear, serving the sound carriage of our central channel, whose subtlety is present in all movement. With a firm grasp of our internal structure, we will open our movement to the space, make conscious use of weight and momentum, and create movement that increases our perceptual awareness.

Some familiarity with standing, seated, and reclined postures, as well as a curiosity about dance and creative movement, is advisable for taking this course.

Students can expect to acquire skills that incorporate the strength and flexibility of the entire body, and will doubtlessly discover more freedom in their practice, to accompany the abundance of the season.


No pre-registration required